How Does the OwnMySolar Platform Help me Own a Solar System?


In a world where everyone shops around to find the best deals online, who wouldn’t want to do the same when considering purchasing a solar system for their home? The OwnMySolar (OMS) platform is the ultimate shop around tool for getting the best price for your solar system. The key to the platform is that we generate an auction for each individual customer where solar installers in your area bid against each other to get your business. As a result, OMS creates the perfect environment for the consumer to get guaranteed low prices.

There are four main steps to the OwnMySolar platform. The first step is to fill in your address and electricity information to request your free Lightspeed estimate. Our team then designs a solar system using satellite imagery that is tailored specifically for your electricity usage and geographic location. The Lightspeed estimate will provide lots of useful information such as what your proposed system will look like, the size of the system, what your energy offset will be and how much money you will save over time. Most importantly, the Lightspeed estimate is a completely free resource that is available to anyone!

The next step is to request bids on your solar design. This is a completely non-obligatory auction and is simply designed so that you can get a local price point for your solar system. Once the auction has ended, you will be able to view all of the top 3 winning solar installers’ bids and you can choose to contact them to move forward in the process. The OMS platform will never give out your contact information without your consent and there is absolutely no solicitation calls. The solar installers will not have your contact information following a winning auction until you choose to contact them first.

The third step is to schedule one or multiple site visits with any of your top winning solar installers after your auction is complete. You can decide which installers you would like to invite and you do not need to invite all of them. These visits are extremely important as it is your first chance to meet with solar installers face-to-face and ask any questions you may still have about the installation process or about your solar system in general. The site inspections are also non-committal and should take no longer than 45 minutes to perform. Think of them as a meet and greet opportunity!

The last step in the OMS platform is to receive a final quote after your site inspection and to sign the contract with that selected solar installer. You can then set an installation date and look forward to generating your own clean, free renewable energy!

Author: Ariana Andrews


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