How to Compare Multiple Solar Quotes From Outside the OwnMySolar Platform

As the OwnMySolar platform is a shop around tool, we expect that some of our customers may already have quotes from solar installers outside the platform. This is totally fine! However if this is your situation, you need to make sure that you are comparing all the quotes correctly, especially if they are from outside sources.

The most important details to look at when comparing quotes is the size of the proposed solar system (in kW) and the type of solar panels/equipment that the quotes are using. For example, all our solar designers from the OwnMySolar platform use standardized equipment to keep the prices on a level playing field. We use LG310 panels in all our designs. If you have a quote that uses a more powerful solar panel (higher wattage), the total price of the system will reflect that and will be higher. If you have a quoted system size that is smaller than one you get from the OMS platform, that is why it might seem cheaper upon first glance. Make sure that outside quotes are using good quality equipment and panels as some installers will purposely use significantly cheaper equipment to keep the overall price as low as possible.

Much like any type of shopping, brand name matters in relation to price and not all panels are created equal. More well-known solar panel companies will have a slighter high price than say, international solar panel companies. In addition, each panel brand and wattage has different efficiency which means that some panels are better at converting sunlight to energy than others. This is extremely important because if your home does not receive huge amounts of sunlight, you may want to consider higher efficiency panels in order to make the most of the sunlight you do have access to. Higher performing panels will also have a higher price.

Author: Ariana Andrews


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